Vegan Cranachan by Jules for IAVW Britain

This recipe is submitted by Jules, a reader. He also sends this Wikipedia link to tell us more about this unique dish.

Vegan Cranachan – serves two


3ozs whole almonds

5 fl ozs water

1.5 tbs maple syrup

2 tbsp soya cream

1 tbs whisky

1 ozs pinhead oatmeal

1 ozs soft brown sugar

4 ozs raspberries


Cover almonds with water in a bowl, cover and soak overnight.

Peel the skins from the almonds and place in a blender along with half of the water, blend and add more water until you have a smooth creamy consistency. Add the maple syrup, soya cream, and whisky to the almond cream and blend together. Place the cream in the fridge to cool.

Mix together the sugar and the oatmeal and place on foil under a hot grill (Broiler?). You will need to remove several times and stir, you want to melt and caramelize the sugar and toast the oatmeal without it burning which happens very quickly! Leave to cool and then break up the mixture into very small pieces.

Wash and dry the raspberries


Layer some raspberries into a glass followed by a layer of oats, and then pour on some cream. Repeat the layers trying to keep back a couple of raspberries to place on top as decoration.

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