We are what we eat

Food is political.
Most of us know this to some degree. What we put in our mouths has consequences that range from animal cruelty to environmental degradation to simply depriving someone else somewhere on Planet Earth by taking more than what we need.
And then there is the question of where your food comes from, and who brings it to you. And do you really want to enrich them?
So what is a regular person to do?
We can’t stop eating, and let’s face it, most of us love our food. We cook, swap recipes, go to restaurants, try out new cuisines, and brag about them to friends. When we travel, food is topmost in our minds.
I think about food too, a lot, but in a different way.
When I chose to go vegan a few months back, I didn’t hear a round of applause from family and friends that I may have, in a corner of my heart and in all my naivete, expected. Instead, there was a lot of concern about whether it was a healthy, or tasty, choice.
But to me, the rewards have been endless. I feel better, both healthwise and about myself. My mind’s sharper, and I am back at my ideal weight.
But this journey has also been filled with other delightful prizes. Each trip to the market yields fabulous new fruits, vegetables and grains I can cook with. Even my hubby, who for a while feared greatly for his sweet tooth, has come around to believe that great-tasting baked goods do not have to involve butter, cream and eggs.
I look forward to your comments and feedback on the recipes I will share in this, my own corner of cyberspace. We will kick off tomorrow with breakfast, and with my version of the yummiest, crispiest, most melt-in-the-mouth waffles you have ever tasted.
See you then!

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