Cutie Pie

I’ve been blogging occasionally about my five kids, and today I want to introduce you to Pie, my gorgeous shorthair cat who is pitch-black with eyes that change color every minute.
Those who live with multiple animals will tell you that one of the most amazing discoveries they make is that no two animals, even those of the same breed, are really alike. Each of my dogs and cats has a distinct character and temperament. Each has their own likes and dislikes (apart from the universal love of all dogs for walks and treats, of course), each has their favorite activity around the house or outside it, and each responds differently to each family member, human or otherwise.
Pie is as different from Pubm (who we adopted her with when they were both six) as night and day. Although we were told they are sisters when we adopted them, they are more like two grumpy old women who tolerate each other’s presence. While I am sure there is some love lost there, most often their interaction is limited to a lot of hissing and angry meowing, usually over food.
While Pubm is well-integrated with our dogs, Pie chooses to stay away from them. But in her quiet, dignified way, Pie is the queen of them all, including Desi and me. She is temperamental: she will roll around on the floor seeking a tummy rub, but the minute she’s had enough she will royally bat off your hand . She keeps the dogs in their place, hissing at them if they dare to cross over into her territory. Even Opie, my intrepid chow mix who doesn’t think twice before butting his nose into everyone’s business, is a little wary around Pie. It may have to do with the bloody nose she gave him long ago, when they were both new in our home.
Pie’s absolute favorite thing in the world is catnip. Rub a little into her favorite toy and she becomes entranced by its fragrance-a regular catnip junkie. She even tries to get into the jar where we store catnip. This past Christmas we bought her a little “catnip” seat. The base of the seat has a little bag to which you can add catnip, and needless to say, it’s become her favorite place to hang out.
Look for yourself- isn’t she just beautiful?

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