When the flowers bloom…

..Desi goes just a little crazy with the camera. Here are some beauties he found in our otherwise still-messy yard.

Who says Dandelions are weeds? Look at this lovely lady:
On a balmy afternoon, a lazy lion and his sidekick sniff for trouble in their backyard kingdom:

Have a colorful Spring, everyone!

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  1. says

    Cham, Thanks. The only reason it doesn’t look messy in the pictures is because I was careful not to let it show! :)

    Uma, Divya, Pearlsofeast, Anjali, Vani, Sunshinemom: Thanks, ladies.

    Madhavi, Thanks, dear. I would love to do the meme but am leaving for India for a three-week break next week. If I don’t get to it before I leave, I promise to do so after I return.

    Click, Thanks!

    Shubha, You are very kind. Thanks a ton for thinking of me for this wonderful award- I am touched.

    Madhuram, Thanks.

  2. says

    Meera, Annu: Thanks, ladies.

    Chocolatecoveredvegan: I don’t think mine would be anywhere near as nice either :)

    Jayashree, Thanks. Tulips are indeed lovely.

    Tina, Thanks. They are my babies.

    Shubha, Am getting ready to go to India and have been really busy. But thanks for asking!

    Pearlsofeast, so kind of you to think of me. I really appreciate it.

    Miri: Thanks, dear.

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