So Last-Year, But Perennial Favorites

Being an eleventh-hour gal, I just realized that I hadn’t sent in my entry to Srivalli’s Best of 2008 event. So I huffed and puffed and just made it under the wire with my shortlist. Being pressed for time, I made it very simple: just 10 of my own favorites that I posted here on Holy Cow! over 2008.

Here they are, and thanks, Srivalli, for the opportunity to recap!

Bhel, with a dash of Bollywood

A sweet favorite: Tarte Tatin

To healthy weeknight dinners: Eggless Coriander Quiche:

A trip down memory lane: Chana Bhatura:

Luscious Mango Bread:

Everyday exotic: Moroccan Chickpea Stew:

Lemony Vegan Cupcakes with “Cream Cheese” Frosting:

Spicy Peas and Mushroom Biryani:

A medley of flavors: Navratan Kurma:

Dosa: Lentil-and-rice crepes:

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    Nice selection and yeah i just read abt the Tabelas and all….the situation is pathetic ,i won’t deny at all,but u know wht,my FIL is an ardent follower of one Temple ,which have a tabela called GAUSHAALA and trust me when i say that cows are indeed taken good care where hygiene is concerned ,but yes .. they ARE given injections to YIELD more milk(hormone injections i guess)and i find that a torture in itself.Still the whole environment at home is like that i can’t shift my family to vegan way,and moreover the part in Mumbai where i live,the term VEGAN is unknown so u can understand the chances of mine getting VEGAN BUTTER and all…..still i appreciate all the hard work u put in to enlighten us on this serious issue…keep doing the gr8 job,maybe some day i will join u too…And hey…Wishing u and ur family a Very Happy New Year

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