Thai Vegetable Salad With Peanut-Butter Dressing

Each year, Spring sprinkles stardust over Washington, turning it into the most beautiful city in the whole world.051308kolata0019

Okay, I haven’t seen the whole world, but you get my drift? There isn’t a better time to be here than right now, when temperatures are in the ’70s, the thundershowers are too brief to spoil a whole day, and flowers paint an elaborate rainbow of colors across every street and yard.

Lawns have magically gone from brown to emerald green, the oaks and the maples are rapidly filling up with squeaky-new leaves that weave into a deep canopy over grey roads, and the dogwoods and azaleas are flaunting their short-lived but gorgeous blooms.


Spring’s my favorite season, as it probably is everyone else’s, because it’s time to emerge from the chrysalis of our winter-weary homes and enjoy the greatest miracle we’ll ever see– the renewal of life. I, for one, can’t help but feel a little stab of wonder each time I see a tiny green stalk push its head out of the earth, eager to breathe and grow.

It’s also, of course, time to start pulling out all those weeds that have taken over the flower and vegetable beds and get bitten by little insects hiding in the grass, but let’s not get into that here.


Coming to the point of this post, Spring is the time when all sorts of fresh veggies start crowding the market, making it a vegetarian or vegan cook’s paradise. And although I am not a huge salad person, it’s a time when I actually feel like mixing up a salad– or two.

One of my favorites is this Thai salad, which has a healthy and robust peanut-butter dressing, is bursting with veggies and protein and is really good for you. Cutting all the veggies into juliennes or matchstick-sized pieces is a little time-consuming, but it is also therapeutic and if you make the effort you won’t be sorry you did.


Enjoy, everyone, the recipe and the beautiful Spring!

This salad goes to Priya of Akshayapaatram who’s this month’s guest host of It’s A Vegan World: Thai and who’s been cooking up some of the most delicious Thai food I’ve ever seen. And it’s great eye candy too!

Thai Vegetable Salad With Peanut-Butter Dressing

Shred into thin, matchstick-sized pieces and place in a large bowl:

1 zucchini

1 yellow squash

1/4 head of cabbage

1 carrot

(Feel free to use more or other veggies. Peppers of any color, scallions, green beans steamed until just tender, and even broccoli would work here)

Sprinkle over the veggies 1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds

For the dressing:

Place in a blender–

1/2 cup peanut butter

2 tbsp rice vinegar

2 tbsp tamari or soy sauce

1-2 tsp hot sauce like Sriracha

1-2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp roasted sesame oil

Give it a stir, adding some water to reach a pourable consistency.

Pour the dressing over the vegetables, and toss to coat.

Shred 10-12 leaves of basil or chop 1/4 cup of coriander/cilantro leaves and mix in.

I also added some tofu to the salad to make it a complete meal. It is optional. I boiled firm tofu in 1 1/2 cups of water to which I’d added a 1-inch piece of ginger, shredded, and 2 tbsp soy sauce. Simmer for 15 minutes, then cut into cubes and toss into the salad.

Let the salad stand a few minutes before serving.

I have finally added a recipe index in the top right corner to help my readers better navigate the blog. All my recipes are now listed on one page. It’s a work in progress, but it’s a beginning and something I wish I had done a long time ago.

Now here’s a picture of Lucy in her favorite perch. All the pictures, as usual, were taken by Desi.


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  1. says

    Love Spring colors. Great pics. Salad looks refreshing, I used similar dressing on udon noodles for A.W.E.D-Japan. Will post soon.

  2. says

    Beautiful Spring colors! How boring it would be if we didn’t have seasons!
    HeHe! When Americans say “World”, it usually means “America!” Like they say “George Clooney is the most handsome in the whole World” and I think “come to South India, I will show you many who look like him or even better looking guys than George Clooney!” ;D
    Now Brad Pitt, I can’t match. May be John Abraham comes close but can’t match!!!!
    Salad is what we need now, so humid here. Looks delicious! :)

  3. says

    Love the salad Vaishali.Spring is surely paradise for vegetarian/vegan. Never tried peanut butter dressing .Looks lovely and perfect entry. Julienne ing calms our mind and is defnitely therapeutic

  4. says

    Gorgeous captures of Spring!
    Spring is surely my fav season too. I am always cribbing about the snow here in the Midwest but experiencing all 4 seasons almost makes up for the few months of crappy weather.
    and I am surely making that salad dressing. I bought some roasted pecan butter from Whole foods last weekend, and it tastes exactly like peanut butter!! Its good that I like anything peanuty though 😀

  5. says

    Hi Vaishali, what an amazing season spring is. Desi’s pics are lovely and Lucy seems to be enjoying the most:-) Btw, great dish! Would love to try the peanut butter dressing. And keep up the great blog, adding the recipe index is brilliant:-)

  6. says

    How much i wish that the whole world looks like this, all the time….I know , variety is spice of life…but still…..
    Coming to salad,this sounds wonderful, but can i use regular butter instead of peanut butter(not easily available around) or can i use crushed peanuts instead? And also instead of Maple syrup,some honey will do?

  7. says

    I Know what u r taling about the stardust Vaishali, while we lived in NJ we were in DC during spring/cherry blossom… cannot forget:-)

    This dressings sounds awesome. I did something some this with the baby bok choy i had got, but could not post it in time.. the post is still not done:-(

  8. says

    Good that the temperature is in 70’s in your place, its still in 50’s for us. Thai salad with peanut butter looks delicious.I have not tasted much of thai food, eagerly waiting for the roundup.

  9. says

    Since I got here, in the US, I’ve deeply learning the meaning of raw salad. I’ve never seen anyone eating so many raw vegetable as these guys do. The, I learned to appreciate it and since I’m a huge fan of vegetables, I totally fall in love with it – eating them raw: delicious!
    Believe or not :) in my home country (Portugal) the only vegetables that we eat raw are lettuce, tomato, carrots, cucumber, cilantro and parsley (and exceptionally watercress). These are the main (and I may say the only, except in the vegan/vegetarian community, which is small) ingredients of a raw salad.
    So, you can imagine my surprise when I got here and saw friends eating a bunch of raw vegetables and post recipes about it!
    Anyway, since this dressing was a kind of surprise to me, I decided to give it a try, and made a big (to last for a few days) salad for myself (in the Spring and Summer seasons I really enjoy to have some fresh produce, juices and smoothies) and add green and red cabbage, a leek, some celery sticks, everything chopped finely and some cilantro. The results was superb! Good Lord! :)
    it is so good that I’ve been eating at main meals and it’s almost gone. :)
    Very pleasant and smooth!

    Thank you!

    PS – here, in the northwest, the Spring makes Seattle alive! Like your pictures.:)
    Suddenly, this cloudy sky makes no difference anymore because the trees are blooming and everything is so green, fragrant and colorful!

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