Vegan Mexican: The Roundup

Here’s the roundup of all the wonderful vegan Mexican recipes you sent for the It’s a Vegan World- Mexican event. For some weird reason I lost all the copy I had originally written on this post, but luckily I didn’t lose your entries. Here they are, in all their delicious glory:

Suganya’s black bean tortilla soup

Uma Ramesh’s vegetable enchiladas

Varsha’s banana cocoa soy smoothie

Yasmeen’s soy chunks empanadas

My tortitas des alubias y papa

Refried beans with chipotle chilis

Mexican rice with chili-garlic potatoes

Mushroom and green pepper quesadillas

Empanadas with Black Bean Filling


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  1. says

    WOWWWW! Lovely Mexican food!Im so sorry I didnt participate this month..though this is gonna be a great intensive course for me in vegan mexicana!Now I can improve my Mexican moves.. ! Well done to all participants ,bravo! and Thanx! Mia

  2. says

    WOW!! I am drooling at the dishes, great round up V, good job.

    I will send my photo myself next time with my entry,sorry for the inconvenience. I am just trying to control the pirates who are hijacking my posts for a while! ;D

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