It’s A Vegan World: Malaysian

Malaysian food is impossible not to love. Spicy, complex and utterly flavorful, eating it makes me feel as if I’ve taken my tastebuds on a vacation in exotic Southeast Asia.

This month I want to take you along with me to explore the vegan possibilities of Malaysian food. And here’s what’s also wonderful: not only is Malaysian cuisine rich in local flavors, it is further enriched by the vast and endless cuisines of India and China: two communities who form a sizeable part of the country’s population.

There are lots of resources for great Malaysian vegetarian food on the Web, such as this one. And if you want to be adventurous and veganize a non-vegan dish, more power to you!

With so much to choose from, I think it’s going to be hard for all you amazing cooks not to come up with vegan dishes that are impossibly delicious.

Here are the guidelines for It’s A Vegan World: Malaysian.

-Since I’m late with the announcement, I’ve extended the deadline to Sept. 5 2009. Send in your recipes before that date.

-These foods are no-nos in vegan cooking, so please leave them out: honey, butter, eggs, cheese, ghee, milk, yogurt (basically no milk-based products), gelatin, and, of course, no meats or fish. Vegan meat or cheese substitutes are fine.

-Link back to this announcement, and feel free to use the logo below.

-Non-bloggers are also very welcome. Just send me your recipe and a picture.

-As for bloggers, send me an email with your post to myveganworld[at] Include these details:

Your name

Blog name

Post url

Photograph (any size)



A quick note here about something that’s been on my mind these past few days and has really bothered me. I love nothing more than to share my recipes, especially the ones I create or veganize. When the inspiration comes from a recipe someone else created, I am always sure to credit the source because it’s the right thing to do.

But the other day, while googling vegan challah recipes, I ran into a recipe on another vegan blog. My own whole-wheat vegan challah is one of my most popular recipes and one I get most feedback on from readers. When I created it, I used a recipe from the Joy of Cooking (which I credited in my post) as my inspiration, but I worked hard to replace the eggs which were an integral part of this bread. I used flax meal or ground flax seed as an egg substitute in my challah, and I worked out the proportions carefully to make sure I had a perfect challah where no one would miss the eggs.

Surprisingly, this recipe on the other blog was exactly identical to mine in every aspect, including the proportion of flax and water (which was the most challenging part of the recipe to develop), except that it was made entirely with all-purpose flour and used olive oil instead of canola. While this would be fine if the blogger had the decency to credit the obvious source of her recipe, she did not.

I’d just like to say this to people like this blogger who believe they can steal recipes made by others and pass them off as their own: back off! Most food bloggers work hard to come up their recipes, and while you’re more than welcome to try them, passing them off as your own is a sick and extraordinarily cheap thing to do.


On to happier topics, the roundup of IAVW British will be coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

(C) All recipes and photographs copyright of Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes.

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  1. says

    Hi Vaishali, your vegan challah bread is one of my favourite recipes of yours. I have made it several times.

    If someone googles `vegan challah flax’ the first search entry is the ripoff you mentioned.
    Maybe other bloggers can `shame’ that person somehow.

    Best wishes. Maria

  2. says

    V,love the new theme.BTW,?I was just now going thru your vegan challah and had plans to use flax seeds.I have some doubts regarding the use of flax and will be mailing you soon.

  3. says

    Wasnt able to participate IAVW British coz of my vacation, will definitely something for this malaysian theme Vaishali..very nice theme!

  4. says

    I just found your blog and am looking forward to trying recipes – especially the challah! It looks great.

    I had someone steal multiple, entire, word-for-word posts, and post them as her own. It’s an unfortunate fact of internet life. I called her on it and the posts were removed.

  5. says

    Yeah..thats true..Malaysian food is too hard to resist..vegan i am not that familiar though..will try to participate searching web..

    and its very much disappointing to hear about the plagarism..Some are like that,love to copy ..habits.shameful..

  6. says

    Another challenge Vaishali. You are unstoppable. :). Will rack my brains.
    It is a shame people have no qualms about copying from other bloggers and crediting it to themselves.
    To perk up your spirits, there is an award waiting for you. Please come by and collect it. :)

  7. says

    Hi Vaishali!

    I just came back from vacations and I think I’ll give my contribution to this one! I never had Malaysian food (shame on me!)in my life :) and I went to search the link that you provided in this post and the recipes that I read sounded very good to try! I can’t wait to see how they turn out :).
    I checked out your vegan challah bread also and it looks delicious! I’ll give it a try for sure!

    I’m really sorry to “hear” about the plagiarism, no one deserves it, for sure!Mainly food bloggers, as you said, that work so much and put so much care and love into their recipes and in sharing them with us. Please don’t dig much into this feeling, but maybe call the person on it would help? It’s very important to remember that we must respect others work and efforts, they always should ask 1st before using it.

    I’ll be back with the results 😉
    Keep up that wonderful energy!

  8. says

    Did you write to the blogger and ask for the proper credit to be given. Or maybe point her to one of those resources which explain exactly what plagiarism is. I hope you did – no guarantee that it will be done,but atleast there might be some stirrings of a dormant conscience!


  9. says

    Hi Vaishali, As per the rules, I should be leaving you a comment about the award, but you beat me. :-D. Please accept the Kreativ Blogger award on my blog.Thanks.

  10. says

    don’t know how i missed this post..came to know about the event just now.
    will surely participate..i am sorry to hear about the plagiarism..i too have seen your challah bread and want to try soon..

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