Help the animals of Haiti

(Picture from Los Angeles Times)

If you are an animal lover, like me, you’ve no doubt wondered who is helping the animals of Haiti who are surely as — if not more– scared and shaken and destitute as any human being there, following the devastating earthquake.

So I was thrilled to learn that they have a savior: the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti, or ARCH, set up by groups including the Best Friends Animal Society, The Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA, is working on the ground to bring relief to the animals in the form of veterinary and food aid. They need your help, either in cash or — if you can do it– as on-the-ground volunteers.

Visit this link for more information. You can donate either by credit card or through your cell phone. According to the Best Friends Animal Society, ARCH will also focus on creating a long-term plan that includes options for veterinary care, a large-scale vaccination program and services for animal population control. And 100 percent of your donation goes to help the animals– so what’s your excuse?

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    Thanks for this link Vaishali,
    I will donate some money right away. Poor every one in haiti… so much suffering.
    thanks for sharing how to help the animals,

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    You’re welcome, Amey, and you’re right– there’s so much suffering there right now that all of our problems seem incosequential. Thanks for being a friend to the animals :)

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    I am so happy to hear about all the effort to save the animals of Haiti! Thanks for posting this. This past week, and continuing on for a few more days, I’m donating and matching 100% of my vegan bakery’s profits to the IDA animal rescue relief effort in Haiti. There is so much suffering going on in that country, I’m so happy to see so many vegans rallying to help.

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    100% donation going to help the cause is great. Many times, we help people in need but forget our silent companions, thank you for a thoughtful reminder to help the animals.

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