Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Dozens of healthy vegan breakfast recipes for waffles, pancakes, scones, french toast, muffins and more.

Orange Sweet Potato Wholegrain Pancakes

Orange Sweet Potato Pancakes

It’s Sunday morning, you’re snowed in (still!), you couldn’t go for that morning jog, and you are desperately in need of some my-body-is-a-temple food. Except you want it to be really decadent because it’s your day off, for heaven’s sake, and you need some pampering before you are driven to something desperate by all that snow piling up… 

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Carrot Coffee Cake Muffins

Carrot Coffee Cake Muffins.

These Carrot Coffee Cake Muffins taste so rich, you might very well mistake them for their glamorous cupcake cousins. But these are not just delicious and cake-like, they are also whole grain and low fat. Which makes them perfect breakfast eats for the young, the old, and everyone in between. There’s just something about this season that calls for… 

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Mexican Molletes with Mango-Basil Salsa


One of my favorite places in Mexico is the charming town of Morelia where we once spent a few days doing almost nothing. Nothing, except taking lazy strolls on streets dotted with devout Mexicans and students. Morelia is packed with beautiful churches and colleges, and if you’re not inclined to one or attending the other, the only thing… 

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Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Squares with Peanut Butter Glaze

Sweet Potato Muffin Squares

Spring is finally here and if you need confirmation (which you might if you live here in the DC area where there’s still a bite in the air) you only have to look at the deep pink magnolia blossoms blanketing tree limbs that were bare only yesterday. This is my favorite time of year, not… 

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Double Chocolate Berry Muffins

Chocolate Berry Muffins

These Chocolate Chip Berry Muffins are moist, tender, perfectly and mildly sweet, infused with the goodness of berries and chocolate, and all whole-wheat. Try and top that.I came up with this recipe over the weekend, looking for a healthy yet decadently delicious muffin that would do double-duty as a breakfast food and also a teatime… 

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Mango Waffles, Gluten-Free

Mango Waffles, vegan and gluten-free

Here’s a decadent weekend-morning recipe that will not hug your waistline for eternity: gluten-free Mango Waffles. When I make gluten-free baked goods, I stay away from those readymade flour mixes that tend to make the end product gummy. Mixes, in my opinion, also have a rather strong flavor that doesn’t always work with baked goods… 

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Almond Pancakes

Almond Pancakes

Breakfast on Valentine’s Day should be as delicious as romance and as perfect as love. My Multigrain Almond Pancakes are made with three different kinds of flours– barley, spelt, and whole-wheat– but you could easily substitute with other flours like oat flour or even a gluten-free baking mix. But here’s what makes them really special:… 

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