Whole-Wheat Scones with Black Currants

Black Currant Scones Fit For A Queen

Terrifically healthy and delicious, it is possible to have these egg-free, dairy-free scones and eat them too. I substituted the cream traditionally used in scones with soy milk, and that resulted in a great improvement in their nutritive value without really sacrificing any of the taste. I did use a small amount of zero-trans-fat vegetable…

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Oatmeal Cookies, vegan and whole-wheat

Compassion Oatmeal Cookies

Today’s recipe for my Compassion Oatmeal Cookies is dedicated to all those pioneer vegan bakers out there who, through experimentation and innovation, have eased the way for others like me to bake animal-free versions of traditional goodies without sacrificing an iota of taste or flavor.Anyone who’s learning to bake always hears how baking, unlike cooking,…

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Banana Bread

Desi, my hubby, has a sweet tooth. A very, very sweet tooth. Although he’s usually careful about what he eats and pays close attention to what’s healthy and what’s not, all his good intentions simply evaporate when faced with a cookie or a cake or even a donut.So one of the challenges I constantly face,…

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Almond Cookies

No-Butter Almond Shortbread Cookies

I got around to baking cookies only this Saturday, a little over a week before Christmas, and I only managed to bake one kind before I ran out of flour. How’s that for being unorganized? The cookie, an almond shortbread, turned out great, however, so at least I had something to feel good about at…

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Vegan Baklava

Although I’ve never had a particularly sweet tooth, there is one dessert that always makes me feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Baklava. This middle eastern treat combines so many luscious flavors and textures within a single bite. The crisp, flaky layers of perfectly baked filo pastry and the crunchy goodness of nuts,…

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Eggless Waffles

No Egg-o Waffles

The first time I tried vegan waffles, they ended up crusted and burnt to the sides of the waffle iron. But Desi, my hubby, loves waffles so much, I had no intentions of giving up. I modified the recipe and added some applesauce, which resulted in these perfect waffles last Sunday. Even Desi, who is…

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