Cardamom Coconut Shortbread

Coconut Shortbread

Coconut Shortbread: A delicious, melt-in-your mouth cookie made with healthy fats. Indian sweets often combine the classic medley of coconut, cardamom and sugar. In my Coconut Shortbread, I use these Indian ingredients to put a delicious spin on a Scottish favorite. Desi loves shortbread and so do I. What’s not to love about a cookie…

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Gluten-free bread

Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

 I’ve been experimenting more with gluten-free baking, and today I wanted to share a foolproof recipe for a wheat-free sandwich bread. Vegan, of course. I bake a lot and I love baking breads most of all. But I had rarely baked a bread free of gluten, unless you count some Indian flatbreads like bhakris and…

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Apple Cake

Whole-Wheat Apple Cake

Desi loves himself some apple pie and each time we go grocery shopping together he will stop by the apples and wonder how long it has been since he had some. But the last time I gave in, I was not too sure I wanted to bake a pie. Because I am on a healthy…

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Vanilla Bread

Whole Wheat Vanilla Bread

One morning in Bombay, Desi, on an errand to pick up some bread for breakfast, came home with two little balls of fur, one yellow and the other red. You can expect to find just about anything for sale on the streets of Bombay and that morning Desi had come across a man selling tiny…

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Whole-Wheat Focaccia

Whole Wheat Focaccia

After making the best focaccia ever, I was a little obsessed with the idea of making a whole-wheat focaccia that was just as good, or even better. But with all that was going on, it took me until now to actually make it. Boy, was it worth the wait! My Whole Wheat Focaccia is not…

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Butternut Squash Muffins

Butternut Squash Muffins, And Travel Through Timeless Lands

These Butternut Muffins were a bit of a gamble. I had some butternut squash puree leftover from making my Butternut Squash Pie, and some blended tofu from making my Mango Pie and I wondered why I couldn’t just marry these two into a blissful breakfast food . And just like that, these delicious muffins were born. Before…

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Mango Pie

Mango Pie. Because a Cow Turns Five Only Once

A couple of days ago, Holy Cow! turned five. That seems a long time in the ephemeral world of cyberspace, and I must confess I am not someone who sticks long-term with most “hobby” projects, as Desi will tell you. But this blog has persisted through good times and tough ones, largely because it has…

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pumpkin pie with butternut squash

Pumpkin Pie (With Butternut Squash)

I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired about baking a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving until I chanced upon a recipe in the New York Times that showed how to make one from scratch– without a pumpkin. I have nothing against pumpkins, mind you.I love them in all their rotund glory and they are delicious sweet or savory….

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Cucumber Cake

Low-Fat Cucumber Cake, Indian-Style

It’s sweltering here in the northeast, and in most of the country. But a steady crop of cucumbers from the vines I planted in my backyard garden this spring are helping us keep our cool. I’ve been slicing them into pitchers of water, chopping them up into salads and raitas, and just eating them fresh…

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Garlic Hamburger Buns

Sandwich Buns or Hamburger Buns

Hey, there! How have things been in your world these past two months? You may have wondered what was going on in mine after I dropped off the face of the planet, unannounced. But I was around, very much so, and missing you too. Life just got in the way and to make a long story…

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Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb Pie

It’s not a crime not to eat some rhubarb pie in spring but, honestly, it ought to be. Rhubarb is one of the season’s sweetest gifts. These crisp, tart stalks that look like ruby-red celery start appearing in the farmer’s market in my suburban Washington neighborhood this time of year. They get snapped up in…

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Mirch Ka Salan With Peshawari Naan

Before I get to today’s recipe, Mirch ka Salan with Peshawari Naan, here’s a small rant. I am not a Bolly-watcher, by any means. I am not hungry for the latest news on whichever middle-aged “hero” and painfully young “heroine” is dominating India’s movie industry. I couldn’t care less who’s going out with whom. And…

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