corn fritters

Corn Fritters, Fat-Free

I first waltzed into Edith Wharton’s deliciously tragic world during a lonely week in New York City. It was over a decade ago and I was traveling with Desi who was at a conference all day most days, leaving me with nothing but time on my hands. When I tired of looking around (yes, there’s…

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veggie burgers

Bean and Oats Burgers

The New York Times’ food section last week ran a story on the rising popularity (and quality) of veggie burgers in local restaurants and the half-page picture of a sesame seed bun cradling a patty, tomatoes, and lots of lettuce really got my juices flowing. But the article didn’t offer any recipes, and I really…

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Besan chilla

Eggless Vegetable Omelet (Besan Cheela)

It’s easy to see why a Besan Cheela often gets called a vegetarian omelet, especially in Indian vegetarian restaurants that serve up this lipsmacking dish. This chickpea-flour pancake from north India resembles its egg-containing counterpart so closely, you might think they were separated at birth. But the resemblance is entirely skin-deep, because they taste outrageously…

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Black bean veggie burger

Fat-free Black Bean Burgers

I haven’t had a chance to talk to you about Freddie or Lucy recently, and I wanted to post an update for those among you who have been wondering what’s up.Lucy’s doing pretty great. She’s almost through her chemotherapy now, and will then go on a maintenance dose. Our experience, overall, has been much better…

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Nearly Fat-Free Brownies

Well, almost. The only fat in these vegan and nearly fat-free brownies comes from 2 tbsp of flaxmeal that works as an egg substitute in this recipe and from some wonderfully nutritious walnuts. And since that is all healthy fat rich in Omega-3 fatty acids as well as fiber and protein, who could possibly complain?…

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