Chickpea Khichdi and Arbi Kadhi

I like mixing things up a bit, and today's recipes are an example of the irreverential cooking I so love to practice in my experimental kitchen.In Gujarat, on India's west coast, khichdi with kadhi is a popular comfort meal. The khichdi is a blend of rice and lentils, cooked together to mushy … [Read more...]

Ginger-Infused Cauliflower Dal with French Lentils

Cauliflower Dal

French Puy Lentils are these mottled, dark gems that cook up into pearly black deliciousness. I love these little guys because they have a peppery flavor that goes nicely with Indian spices. This time, I substituted them for the pink lentils (masoor) I use to make Cauliflower Dal. They were so … [Read more...]

Sambar, Rasam and Potato Curry Recipes

Sambar | Rasam | Potato Curry

There are days when I crave some healthful comfort food. And nothing hits the spot like a plate of rice with sizzling sambar, hot rasam and crunchy, stir-fried potatoes. I wanted to share with you this very simple yet very delicious meal I made tonight. Contrary to what some might think, and as … [Read more...]

Tomato Bhath

Tomato Bhath

This is a pretty fabulous go-to recipe for those evenings when you don't want to spend any more time in the kitchen than you absolutely have to. Tomato rice is such a classic comfort dish in Tamil kitchens, it's hard to believe it is as easy as it is. It certainly tastes quite complex, with several … [Read more...]

Moong Dal with Beet Greens

Moong Dal with Beet Greens

I have not had much luck growing beets in my vegetable garden. When I planted them last year, the beets themselves did not grow much bigger than marbles, although I did get lots of luscious, leafy greens. I couldn't complain. Much as I love the fleshy, deliciously sweet roots, I am a bigger fan of … [Read more...]