Kashmiri Rogan Josh, a Vegan Version

-+*There are few dishes that evoke the tempestuous passion of the land they spring from as perfectly as Rogan Josh does. Rogan Josh, which roughly translates to “red heat,” is a classic meat dish from the belly of Kashmir, an exquisite land infused with both sublime romance and turbulent tragedy. When I was growing up in…

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Methi Chaman

-+*In our home, methi or fenugreek leaves are one of those vegetables that neither Desi nor I can have enough of. This is a rather pretty vegetable with small leaves and thick stems and a pleasantly bitter taste that mellows when cooked into a nutty deliciousness. But the flavor, as addictive as it is, is…

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Kashmiri Dum Aloo

-+*My recipe for the day is a classic from Kashmir, the beautiful state in the north of India: Dum Aloo. Although potatoes are the chief ingredient in Dum Aloo, it is not usually a vegan dish because it includes cream or yogurt, or sometimes both. While one can easily substitute the yogurt with soy yogurt,…

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Braised Collard Greens

Kashmiri Collard Greens

-+*I had never eaten collard greens before I moved to the United States. When I did start eating them, I’d usually buy them frozen and then saute them with some simple spices like mustard and green chilies. But while I liked them enough, I wasn’t really moved. Also, the fact that they take extra-long to…

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