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Semiya Payasam

The other day, as I puttered around the web, I ran into an old friend -- the Amul girl. If you’ve ever lived in India, you don’t need an introduction to the Amul girl. You know the bright orange face that’s at once shy and pert. The blue pigtail gushing out of a huge, perfectly round head. The … [Read more...]

Sprouted Mung Salad (Moong Usal)

Moong bean Usal

I have for you today a very simple, very nutritious and very delicious sprouted mung bean salad that, in my part of India, goes by the name of Moong Usal. There's something about sprouting beans that brings out the poet in me. Watching those tiny little white squiggles shoot out of the legume and … [Read more...]

Peanut Curry, Spiced Brown Rice, and Cabbage Subzi

...Or Shengdanyachi Aamti, Phodanicha Bhaat ani Kobichi Bhaaji.This is the kind of meal we cook and eat in our home most days. It's traditional Indian food at its wholesomest. The kind you won't find at an Indian restaurant, but is better than anything you could eat out.To make this protein-packed … [Read more...]

Puran Poli for Chalks and Chopsticks

Puran Poli

  The Ghost of the Banyan Tree The story was that the Ghost lived in the 100-year-old banyan tree that stood just behind Building No. 13 in J. P. Nagar. At night he or she (for no one had actually seen the Ghost) would come out and hang around the domed water tank that sat like a giant cement idli … [Read more...]

Mints’ Khandeshi-Style Methichi Bhaji

Are sansaar sansaar, jasa tavha chulhyavarAadhi hatala chatake, tevha milate bhaakar (Rough translation: Life is like a hot griddle on a stove/You will burn your fingers before you learn how to make bread)I love poetry spun from life's gritty fabric because not only is it starkly beautiful, but it … [Read more...]