Gobi Achari | Cauliflower With Five Spices

Gobi Achari Gobi Achari, or Cauliflower With Five Spices, is one of those dishes that reminds you just why the food of India is a hit nearly anywhere in the world.

In my last post, I asked you all what it is about Indian food that you love. I loved reading what you had to say, all of it so true. To some, Indian food brought memories of friends, to others, like me, it is mom’s food — the food we grew up with. And to many others, it is the spices, the aromas, the fact that most Indian vegetarian food is rather healthy because it’s based on legumes, grains, and vegetables.

Gobi Achari According to a recent article in The Washington Post, there’s also a scientific reason why most of us cannot resist Indian food (except Americans who do). And that allure burrows all the way down to the molecular level: when Indians cook a dish, we tend to use ingredients that have no common flavor compounds. None, zip, nada. Now while this may sound a little esoteric, here’s how it breaks down: most world cuisines tend to pair ingredients that have an overlap in their flavor base: think beef and potatoes, which share common flavor compounds, or beer and cheddar cheese. But Indian cooks (not wittingly, of course, because we are not all born molecular chemists) tend to minimize the use of overlapping flavors in the same dish. And the “hodge-podge” we cook up with all of this diversity results in some powerful alchemy.

The moment I read that, I went a-ha!


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Masala Khakhra

Masala Khakhra, a Crispy, Healthy Snack

Remember New Year’s Eve?  After seven head-numbing cocktails and looking enviously at everyone else in their slim-fit jeans, you promised yourself that starting tomorrow you were never going to look at another potato chip as long as you lived. For real. But now it’s halfway through January, you’re tired of eating those carrot sticks when the munchies… 

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Chickpea Quinoa Burgers

Chickpea Quinoa Burger

Winter’s perhaps not the most intuitive time for a burger, unless, of course, it happens to be a vegan burger. And when it’s a hearty, juicy one like my Chickpea Quinoa Burger served over a whole wheat bun on a bed of sauteed greens, well, you’re talking comfort food that will put a spring in your step… 

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Vegan Chili. http://holycowvegan.net

Chipotle and Cumin Spiced Chili

What can be better than huddling by the fireplace on a night so cold that the  roofs and sidewalks are still blanketed in two-days-old snow and even my cold-seeking pooch refuses to step outside for a walk? Huddling by the fireplace with a bowl of my belly-warming Chipotle and Cumin Spiced Chili, of course. Things have been rather… 

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Amaranth Dal

Amaranth Dal

My Amaranth Dal is an  easy weeknight recipe that’s bursting with health and flavor. Even better, it’s kid-friendly. Or rather, my kid-friendly. You’ve probably eaten amaranth grain in cereals, but if you’ve never tried amaranth leaves before, you absolutely must. These are among the most widely cooked greens in Indian kitchens (called chaulai in north… 

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Tunisian Pasta

Pasta With Tunisian Spices

Here’s something fresh, spicy, clean and SIMPLE to keep you feeling fit while you go about the business of enjoying another shiny new year: my Pasta with Tunisian Spices. This is an easy pasta for a weeknight, and it would be pretty great with couscous, but I had some pastina– really tiny, star-shaped pasta and I thought I’d use it up…. 

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Mushroom Chickpea Turnovers

Chickpea Mushroom Turnovers

So these last few weeks of cooking for a fussy six-year-old have turned me into a bit of a Machiavelli, cooking up schemes to stay ahead of the game. And for some crazy reason, I thought you would want to read my scary little tale. Before I became a mom in the real world, I liked… 

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A Boy Named Jay

Hello all! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, but I have some exciting news that– I am almost certain– will make you forgive me. Most of these past few weeks, Desi and I were in India on a life-changing mission. We were there to bring home our little boy, Jay…. 

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Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes http://holycowvegan.net

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes

It was a dark, stormy night in Savai Vere, Goa. The decaying Portuguese-era mansion on the hill was shrouded in grey clouds and sheets of rain, and the wind creeping in through the cracked stained-glass windows made eerie, whistling sounds. Chhaya, on a visit to see her cousin Sadu and his family in this, her mother’s ancestral home, shivered… 

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Ma Ki Dal, a creamy, comforting dal made by moms all over India. http://holycowvegan.net

Maa ki Dal

There is perhaps no north Indian dish that oozes comfort quite the way a Maa ki Dal does. And it starts with the name. Maa ki Dal literally translates to “Mom’s Dal” — now didn’t you feel your belly grow all warm and mushy at the sound of that? Rich and soothing, this is exactly… 

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Roasted Cauliflower Pasta Sauce

Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower Cashew Sauce

Last week, Desi and I were helping care for a neighbor’s dog, Elvis, for a couple of days while his parents went to a family wedding. Elvis is a huge yellow lab who, at two, is barely out of puppyhood. He is a terror on the leash and his idea of a walk is dragging whoever… 

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Curried Acorn Squash holycowvegan.net

Curried Acorn Squash

Here’s the perfect recipe to get you warmed up for the winter: my gingery Curried Acorn Squash. I love going into the market these days and meeting up with all shapes and sizes of winter squashes. There are the warty ones and the bumpy ones and the lopsided ones and the teeny ones, all begging you to take them… 

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Carrot Coffee Cake Muffins. http://holycowvegan.net

Carrot Coffee Cake Muffins

These Carrot Coffee Cake Muffins taste so rich, you might very well mistake them for their glamorous cupcake cousins. But these are not just delicious and cake-like, they are also whole grain and low fat. Which makes them perfect breakfast eats for the young, the old, and everyone in between. There’s just something about this season that calls for… 

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Kala chana sundal

Kala Chana Quinoa Sundal

Navratri was always my favorite time of year, growing up, because it was the one time I was permitted to stay out late– even past midnight. Like most Indian festivals, Navratri — which literally translates to “nine nights” — has a religious significance, but like most religious festivals, you didn’t have to be religion-minded to join… 

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Semiya Payasam

Semiya Payasam | Shevyachi Kheer

The other day, as I puttered around the web, I ran into an old friend — the Amul girl. If you’ve ever lived in India, you don’t need an introduction to the Amul girl. You know the bright orange face that’s at once shy and pert. The blue pigtail gushing out of a huge, perfectly round… 

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