Linguini Fini with No-Cook Tomato Sauce

Linguini Fini with No Cook Tomato Sauce Linguini Fini with No Cook Tomato Sauce On Saturday morning we went for a long walk with Opie through Capitol View Park. It’s a lovely place, with tall, tall trees that shade it almost entirely, making it a cool, comfortable place to spend some time outdoors, even on blistering summer days. There’s a playground where Jay can run around and burn up some of that bubbling energy, and lots of cool, green grass where Opie can spread himself out with a tasty twig to chew.

Understandably, we end up spending too much time there and by the time we come home it’s usually at or past lunchtime. This time it was later than usual, and everyone had worked up quite an appetite. Let’s order pizza, said Desi, a suggestion enthusiastically endorsed by Jay. Me, the spoilsport, would have none of it. Because I had a recipe up my sleeve, found just that morning while flicking through Bon Appetit, that I knew I could put together in minutes. A recipe for a no-cook tomato sauce that I could easily adapt and I knew everyone would love — I daresay almost as much as pizza.

Linguini Fini with No Cook Tomato Sauce

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Garlicky Zucchini Quinoa Cakes

Garlicky Zucchini Quinoa Cakes (Or food for memories)

  I don’t think I can ever eat or cook something without rekindling a beloved memory. A fresh, pink-red pomegranate reminds me of my mum, who loved this fruit. One of the few clear memories I have of her (she died when I was seven) is of her sitting on a chair looking out to…

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Wholegrain Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake with Chocolate Orange Glaze

Low-Fat Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake (and it’s whole wheat too!)

I had been craving — deeply, darkly, intensely craving — something chocolate-y. I woke up in the mornings thinking of a rich, moist chocolate cake drowning in frosting. I went to bed at night and dreamed of plates stacked high with fudgy brownies. And in between all I wanted to do was dig my teeth into a…

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Sprouted Bean and Quinoa Pulao. Vegan.

Sprouted Bean and Quinoa Pulao

A quick introduction today to a recipe that’s going to gladden the hearts of those among you who call yourselves health nuts: my Sprouted Bean Quinoa Pulao. I cook healthy most of the time, but I honestly can’t think of the last time I made a recipe that made me feel like trotting around in…

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