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Lima Bean Stew With Swiss Chard

I am a lazy cook. Yeah, I know, that’s not a quality that any self-respecting food blogger should be admitting to, but what can I say? I’m also brutally honest Of course once in a rare moon (read once or twice a year) I love to stand over the stove for a whole day carefully…

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Cauliflower Dal

Ginger-Infused Cauliflower Dal with French Lentils

French Puy Lentils are these mottled, dark gems that cook up into pearly black deliciousness. I love these little guys because they have a peppery flavor that goes nicely with Indian spices. This time, I substituted them for the pink lentils (masoor) I use to make Cauliflower Dal. They were so good, I am never…

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