Moong bean Usal

Sprouted Mung Salad (Moong Usal)

I have for you today a very simple, very nutritious and very delicious sprouted mung bean salad that, in my part of India, goes by the name of Moong Usal. There’s something about sprouting beans that brings out the poet in me. Watching those tiny little white squiggles shoot out of the legume and grow,…

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Dhabay ki Dal

Dhabay ki Daal

Dhabas are north India’s greasy spoons– tiny roadside shacks that dot highways and mostly cater to weary truckers who pull in for a hearty, hot meal before heading over to the petrol pump (as gas stations are known in India) next door. Outside each dhaba are rows of charpoys, small Indian cots, where the truckers…

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Usal recipe


My mom died when I was seven, but many of the few memories I have of her have to do with food.You see, she loved to cook. She was a Maharashtrian, and the food she prepared reflected the ingredients and influences of her corner of the world. Although I never had a chance to learn…

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Edamame Pesto

Pasta with Edamame Pesto

Two foods I long ago fell in love with – irrevocably- are pesto and hummus. I play around a lot with each, and usually just a slight tweak of ingredients throws up new and delightful flavors. And then there is edamame. The crunchy soybean is so delicious, so versatile and so pretty, I am always…

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