Beet Burger

Beet Burger with Chipotle Cashew Hummus

Get a delicious start to Spring with my Beet Burger with Chipotle Cashew Hummus. This burger is simplicity itself: instead of making a patty with grated beet and other ingredients, I take a thick, juicy slice of roasted beetroot, saute it with some seasonings to add more flavor, then sandwich it between layers of caramelized…

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Beets Infused with Garlic and Olive Oil

Middle Eastern food never fails to amaze me with its vibrant flavors and simplicity and ease of preparation. Its popularity is obvious from the fact that foods like hummus, felafel, pita and tabbouleh have melded effortlessly into our food vocabulary today. I am lucky because one of my oldest and best friends, Margo, is an…

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