Bean Bulgur Salad

Bean Bulgur Salad With Pesto, Fat-Free

I have been really busy which is why you haven’t been seeing me around much, but I wanted to drop in today with a quick, easy and fat-free recipe for this delicious Bean Bulgur Salad with Pesto. This is the perfect brown-bag recipe, and it has so many textures and flavors that you’ll never miss…

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Vegan Spinach Chicken Curry

Spinach Chicken Curry

One of my most popular recipes with friends and family, in the days before I went vegan, was a spinach chicken curry. It was a verdant treat, nutritious with leafy spinach, nutty with almond paste and fragrant with spices. But for some weird, unfathomable reason I had never tried to veganize this, my once-signature dish,…

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Easy Wholegrain Pasta With Spinach Pesto

This is one of those pasta dishes I throw together when I want something gorgeous and tasty and healthy, all in under 30 minutes. Gee, did I just make a Rachel Ray sound byte there? Oh well… you get the idea. This dish has a ton of healthy flavors packed into it: spinach, nuts (I…

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