Chocolate Strawberry Shortbread Bars

Chocolate Strawberry Shortbread

I had a craving for something chocolatey and sweet the other day, and these Chocolate Strawberry Shortbread Bars, I discovered, were exactly what my sweet tooth was asking for. There is a layer of chocolate shortbread in this recipe, and a layer of regular shortbread, and then all of this shortbready goodness is topped off by… 

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Strawberry Pie. Red. Delicious.

Strawberry Pie

Because everyone deserves pie for Thanksgiving, I have for you today this gorgeous Strawberry Pie. In our house, the berry is the king. Desi loves blueberries, I love raspberries, and we both adore strawberries. We blitz them into smoothies, add them to our breakfast oatmeal, and brown-bag them to work for a great after-lunch treat…. 

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