Food for Friendship: Rasavangi (And A Scaredy-Cat Dog)

Uma, that uber-sweet and talented blogger from Teluguruchi, sent me a secret ingredient for the Arusuvai friendship chain ages ago. But swamped as I was with my trip to India and a crazy workload after I returned, I didn't have a chance to make and post a recipe worthy of it until now.By now most of … [Read more...]

Sambar Powder

No Tamil pantry is complete without a jar of homemade Sambar Powder. This spice mix is as integral to the cuisine of south India as garam masala is to the cuisine of the north.When my mother-in-law was alive, we would return from trips to Chennai with armloads of this wonderful burnt-orange powder. … [Read more...]



Adai was one of the first foods I tasted in my Tamil mom-in-law's kitchen. It became an instant favorite. Unlike its simpler but yummy counterpart, the plain old dosa, an Adai is a star, hiding complex flavors beneath its lovely, golden skin.It is also, in my opinion, a little more fun to cook … [Read more...]

Garlic Rasam (Poondu Rasam)

Garlic Rasam

Rasam and sambar are two of the most basic dishes cooked in every Tamilian kitchen. They are usually made at the same meal, in fact at almost every meal, and are a wonderful example of the resourceful creativity of the Indian housewife: when cooked, the thick lentils sit at the bottom of the pan … [Read more...]