Mumbai: Life Along the Railway Tracks

The local trains of Mumbai are as legendary and chaotic as the city itself. Each day they chug across a vast network of tracks, ferrying millions of passengers from far-flung suburbs to work and college and school or-- best of all-- home. But the tracks also play what might seem to an outsider an … [Read more...]

South India: Life in Pictures

In Madurai, one of south India's biggest cities, peddlers beg visitors to shell out a few rupees for their wares just outside the 350-year-old Meenakshi temple, home to a towering pillar covered in nearly 200 kilos of gold. When they sense a sympathetic ear, most will tell you of hardships at home, … [Read more...]

Bombay: Life in Pictures

. It’s hard to imagine a city as crowded, as frustrating, as vibrant, as ugly and as beautiful as Bombay. Today, Desi and I visited the city better known as Mumbai, but always Bombay to us. It has been nearly five years since our last visit-- a period inexcusably long to stay away from the … [Read more...]

Andhra-Style Stuffed Eggplants, And Tips For Traveling Vegan In India

India is point zero for vegetarianism. More than 30 percent of the country's billion-plus residents shun meat -- in fact most people in this group have never, ever eaten a creature that once breathed-- and this is perhaps the only place on earth where you can find as many exclusively vegetarian … [Read more...]

Lovely Lisboa

The sidewalks of Lisbon deserve an ode themselves.They curve, sweep, stagger, climb and drop, leaving a visitor dizzy. But it’s not just that. Paved with sturdy, usually ivory-white cubes of hardy stone, they sometimes burst into a flurry of artistic expression. In plazas and circles and other … [Read more...]

Lucy the Road Tripper

Over the long Columbus Day weekend, Desi, Lucy and I took a short road trip through upstate New York. As much as we love to go on road trips, and despite the many, many pet parents we always encounter at rest stops who travel with unflappable dogs and even cats, Desi and I have always had a strict … [Read more...]

Moong Dal Dosa, and Mayberry


Mount Airy is a gorgeous, sleepy town nestled in the valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains right near where North Carolina meets Virginia. Once you've driven into town past the inevitable neon-lit fast-food restaurants, gas stations and strip malls, the landscape becomes kinder and gentler. The houses … [Read more...]

If Horses Had Wishes…

What comes to your mind when you hear the words "animal cruelty"?Dogs shrunk down to the bone with hunger, perhaps, or left chained and uncared for in backyards by irresponsible people? Cats with tails burned off by some evil kid? Or, if you read this blog and other animal issues pages, perhaps the … [Read more...]