The Strays of India

I’m back from a lovely trip to India where I had a chance to visit with my family after more than two long years, get together with some good old friends to catch up on the good old times, and eat some really great food, a lot of it homecooked. Desi and I covered a… 

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Vegan Dal Makhani with Raisin and Nut Pilaf

Dal Makhani

February is always a busy travel month for me, and that’s one reason I’ve failed to feed my blog these last few days. Now I travel a lot- both for work and pleasure- and I truly enjoy it. But since I went vegan, travel has posed some new challenges. Being on the road is not… 

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A Vegan in Mexico

Recently, Desi and I traveled to beautiful and colorful Mexico. It was my first time traveling abroad as a vegan, and I was determined to stick with my animal-free diet at all costs. I googled eating vegan in Mexico, and printed out the names and addresses of any veg-friendly restaurants I could find. I even… 

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