Easy Wholegrain Pasta With Spinach Pesto

This is one of those pasta dishes I throw together when I want something gorgeous and tasty and healthy, all in under 30 minutes. Gee, did I just make a Rachel Ray sound byte there? Oh well… you get the idea. This dish has a ton of healthy flavors packed into it: spinach, nuts (I…

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Mac ‘n’ Veggies

Eating healthfully becomes ever so important when stress threatens to consume you. With Lucy’s surgery tomorrow, there is a confusion of questions running through our minds: are we doing the right thing? Will she learn to walk on three legs? What if she doesn’t? And the biggest one of all: how long after this will…

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Almond Biscotti

Orange Walnut Biscotti

I love dunkin’– cookies, chaklis, even toast. Any sweet or savory crispy snack just tastes better to me when I can take it for a quick swim in a cup of coffee, tea, or soymilk.So you can imagine how I must love biscotti, those elegant, finger-like, crunchy Italian cookies that were just made for dunking….

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Baghare Baingan Naan-Pizza. And A Winner

It’s time to announce the winner of last week’s giveaway. But first, let me tell you about my Baghare Baingan Naan-Pizza. Yes, that’s what it is. And if that sounds odd, trust me, odd can be beautiful. And delicious. The Baghare Baingan Naan-Pizza was inspired by Lavi’s unique event calling for pizzas topped with Indian…

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Pasta With Cauliflower And Chickpeas

ShareHere’s a pasta dish so simple yet so elegant and so nutritious, you’ll want to make it every night. ‘ The beauty of this dish is that it requires just a handful of ingredients you likely already have in your pantry. If not, it’s surely worth a run to the grocery store to pick them…

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Baked Tofu Pasta

Creamy Baked Pasta In A Minty Tofu Sauce

In inspired kitchen moments, I often throw together ingredients I have on hand to come up with a recipe. The results are sometimes great, sometimes okay, and sometimes downright awful. I don’t share the okay and awful ones with you, but I do like to give you the recipes that I love. Like this Creamy…

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Berber Pizza is a covered North African pizza stuffed with onions

Berber Pizza

I found the recipe for this Berber Pizza in a book evocatively titled “A Platter of Figs” by David Tanis of the much-lauded Berkeley, Calif. restaurant Chez Panisse. Although many of the recipes in here call for the addition of meat, I was pleasantly surprised to find one that sounded delicious and was really easy…

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Vegan Italian: The Roundup

Whew! You know how they say that when it rains, it pours. Well, like all cliches, this one’s absolutely true. This past week I was blindsided by a crush of time-consuming surprises, as a result of which I was forced to put off posting all those wonderful recipes all of you sent in for It’s…

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Vegan Pizza with an Indian Flair

Pizza Topped With Tandoori Tofu

Marrying different cuisines can be one of the most fun aspects of cooking. I do it a lot, not just with the various Indian cuisines that I grew up eating in the melting pot of Bombay, but also with international dishes. A little of this, a little of that, and you’ve got a whole new…

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Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

This roasted vegetable lasagna is so full of flavors and healthy ingredients, it takes the guilt out of eating this usually calorie-packed Italian favorite. I used almost every veggie I had in the refrigerator for this lasagna, and I would have used more if I had them, believe me. There’s spinach and coriander in here,…

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Angel-Hair Pasta with Green Beans and Mushrooms, Vegan

Angel-Hair Pasta with Green Beans and Mushrooms

Desi’s accused me of cooking a lot of pasta recently because I’m hosting the It’s A Vegan World: Italian event. Between you and me, there is maybe– just maybe– some truth to that. But then again, why not eat all the pasta you can? Apparently Sophia Loren eats it every day, and just look at…

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Tuscan Bread

Rustic Tuscan Bread

This classic bread from Tuscany, which requires three rises, including one rather long rise, is a labor of love. But as with all things you love, it is well worth the labor. One distinctive feature of this bread is that it is saltless, which makes it ideal for dunking into flavorful sauces like, say, a…

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Amaretti Cookies recipe

Amaretti Cookies

I love all things almond, and amaretto cookies are right up there at the top of my list.With a crispy, crumbly exterior and a chewy inside, these cookies, which are made mostly with almonds and which bedazzle you with their almond-y flavor, are a delicious treat from Italy, the subject of my It’s A Vegan…

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