French Onion Tart

Moroccan Chickpea Burger

Tikka Masala Pot Pie

Eggless Coriander Quiche 

Sweet Potato Kale Patties in Spicy Chickpea Sauce

Empanandas With Spicy Bean Filling

Creamy Asparagus and Potato Tart

Vegetable Pot Pie

Bell Peppers Stuffed With Brown Rice

Vegetable Kung Pao

Burrito Bowl 

Gateau de Crepes a la Florentine

Fat-free Black Bean Burgers

Savory Sweet Potato Quiche

Bean and Oats Burgers

Savory Avocado Quesadillas with Chard and Tomato Chutney

Kerala Rice Noodles in a Coconut Stew

Vegan BLT

“Kheema”-Stuffed Naan-Calzones

Vegan Doro Wat

Caramelized Onion Tart with Olives

Fat-Pree Burrito Bowl with Peas Guacamole

Chewy Tofu in an Apricot, Chipotle and Tamarind Sauce

Eggless Broccoli-Tomato Frittata

Chilli Tofu

Quinoa and Bean Burgers

Stir-fried Black Bean Noodles in Orange Sauce

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