1. I’m glad you made it in Mexico ^^ I’m Mexican and have lived in Monterrey city all my life (big city, like Guadalajara). I’ve been a vegetarian for a couple years now, and it’s not hard at all anymore. I did have to learn to cook my own food and i’m an obsessive label-reader (which is seen as extremely weird here), but if you’re creative, you can do a lot with very little. I can’t say i’m a vegan though, because it’s impossible to find vegan makeup, deodorant or even soap where i live, but as far as food and fur goes, i’m happily cruelty-free ^^ Glad to hear encouraging words for a vegetarian stuck in Mexico!

  2. Mexico is a wonderful country to be vegetarian. I´m british and came here to study three years ago as a vegetarian, after the first year I became vegan. Compared to england there´s an incredible variety of delicious fruits and veggies grown in every climate, from sea level to mountains. Mexico is a fantastically rich country in terms of food but the culture is definately carniverous today. One mexican gentleman told me before the spanish invaded in the 1500´s the main foods eaten here were squash, corn and beans also amaranto, chilli and chocolate. The spanish introduced meat as it is eaten today.
    One tip though is to ask if the refried beans have any kind of animal fat, sometimes they do!

  3. Hi, Vaishali….Is great to read you trip to Guadalajara was fine at all. I am from Guadalajara and there Is a great veggie restaurant nemed “El Señor Sol” you should try it next time. I am married with an indian and I think your blog will help me to learn how to cook indian food, it will be great. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Berenice, so glad you found the Mexico post– I loved Guadalajara so much, and wanted to stay there forever. 🙂 I hope you will try your hand at Indian food– it’s far easier than it looks! And thanks for the restaurant recommendation, I will be sure to visit it next time I’m there, which I hope will be soon.

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