Baked, fat-free potato vadas (patties)

Crispy Baked Potato Vadas. They’re Fat-Free.

You’ve often heard me talk about my kids, Opie and Jay, but what you probably don’t know is that I have a third child I’ve been hiding from you. Her name’s Murraya Curry, and she’s a bit of a diva. When I found her at the Indian store, no more than about four inches tall, I…

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Curried Coconut Tofu Wraps, vegan.

Curried Coconut Tofu Wraps

These Curried Coconut Tofu Wraps are a little bit magic. I bit into one yesterday and the next minute I was relaxing on a tropical Asian isle, my shaded eyes looking over turquoise water, the sand clear and white at my feet. I even managed to polish off two mango-basil margaritas before I was forced back into reality by Jay asking,…

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Indian-Style 15-Minute Vegetable Fried Rice

Indian-Style Vegetable Fried Rice From Scratch in 15 Minutes

We had a crazy thunderstorm last night. I love thunderstorms and they always are crazy, but when they happen in a valley high in the Allegheny mountains, where the closest house is more than a mile away and the night outside is so black that it makes your city-dwelling head a little numb to even think about it,…

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Sprouted Bean and Quinoa Pulao. Vegan.

Sprouted Bean and Quinoa Pulao

A quick introduction today to a recipe that’s going to gladden the hearts of those among you who call yourselves health nuts: my Sprouted Bean Quinoa Pulao. I cook healthy most of the time, but I honestly can’t think of the last time I made a recipe that made me feel like trotting around in…

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Savory Cucumber Pancakes

Savory Cucumber Pancakes, Fat-Free and Gluten-Free

Cucumber. Now here’s a vegetable that knows how to give and give and give for very little in return. Each spring, I plant a cucumber vine because there’s nothing as potent as a fresh, cooling, absolutely refreshing slice of cucumber to beat the humid summer blues we endure in D.C. Each year, it rewards me with armfuls…

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Creamy Cauliflower Curry. Malai Gobi

Creamy Cauliflower Curry (Malai Gobi)

I have for you today a creamy, luxurious, delicious Cauliflower Curry that’s going to make you lick your fingers, then the plate, and then the serving bowl. Because it’s that good. In India, cauliflower is cooked in a million different ways, although outside India its identity is usually narrowed down to a few restaurant dishes like…

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Rajma. Kidney Beans in a Curry Sauce. Vegan.

Rajma. Kidney Beans in a Curry Sauce

Yes, yes, I know. You haven’t been waiting with bated breath for me to post my Rajma recipe. Or have you? It’s incredible that after nearly seven and a half years of food-blogging– mostly about Indian food — I wake up and find that I never got around to posting this really popular Indian restaurant…

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Sprouted Mung Bean Burgers #vegan #glutenfree

Sprouted Mung Bean Burger with Mint-Cilantro Chutney

It’s hard to be prepared for summer in Washington, no matter how long you’ve waited for it through the cold, dark days of winter. The days can be so humid and sticky, I am almost reminded of being back in Bombay– almost. Opie — looking rather puppy-like in his summer haircut — sits around the…

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Baked Keema Samosas, vegan meat pies, Indian-style. #vegan

Baked Keema Samosas (Indian-Style Meat Pies)

These Keema Samosas are not just crispy and savory and all of those other good things that make the tastebuds scream, gimme more! They’re also comforting and soul-satisfying and kid- and adult-pleasing. There’s hardly anyone in the world today who does not know a samosa, or love one. It’s the perfect snack, crunchy on the…

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Tofu Egg Biryani, vegan

Egg Biryani, with no eggs

There is so much that’s wrong with eggs today. I am not going to bash egg-eaters here: I have two in my home, despite my best efforts, because there’s something about eggs that some people seem to just love. Jay came to us rather addicted to eggs which he calls his favorite food, and Desi…

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Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi

Summers in Bombay are a delicious time to enjoy one of the city’s most beloved street foods: an ice cream that goes by the rather cute name of Kulfi. Kulfi can be found nearly anywhere in the city, and most often on its beaches. When I lived in Bombay, the kulfi would be sold by vendors wandering the…

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Chana Masala Veggie Burger

Chana Masala Veggie Burger With Mint Chutney Mayo

If you’re looking for THE veggie burger recipe to make your summer sizzle and swelter all the more — in a good way — you need look no more. Because I have for you my favorite veggie burger recipe ever, and that’s saying a lot, given all the burgers I make (and devour). My Chana…

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Cabbage Thoran, a Kerala-style side of cabbage with coconuts and a few simple spices

Cabbage Thoran

Take a peek into my refrigerator on any day, and you’ll probably find some things you expected (like tofu, chipotle chilies, and an embarrassing quantity of Indian pickles), some you didn’t (like Opie’s not-vegan homecooked meal), and some you’ll wish you’d never seen (like the month-old lasagna that everyone but the mold forgot).  And amidst the assortment…

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Tofu Egg Curry, an Indian style curry

Tofu Egg Curry

In my childhood home, egg curry was a perennial favorite. My father, whose family hails from India’s Konkan coast, had a very special and flavorful recipe he’d make for us occasionally, and I can still remember its rich, deep flavor. He’d add to it some onions, a few spices and lots of coconut — an ingredient…

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