Mango Bread

Mango bread

I don’t think there’s a fruit in the world that can compare, even distantly, with the luscious mango. I am not talking about the sorry, hard, pale-yellow approximation available here in supermarkets. What I mean is the radiantly golden, deliciously juicy mango that makes an appearance in Indian markets at the beginning of summer. There… 

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Soymilk Pompoms

Recipe for Pompoms

I love making dinner rolls of all kinds, and one of my favorites are these chubby little pompons which I adapted heavily from a Joy of Cooking recipe. The original recipe calls for milk, butter and an egg. I replace them with my preferred substitutes: soymilk, canola oil plus a little transfat-free shortening, and some… 

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Lemony Vegan Pancakes

LemonyPancakes, vegan

I make┬ápancakes┬ávery, very often because they are a favorite breakfast food of Desi’s and also of my doggies who cannot get enough of the under-the-table handouts he sneaks out to them. I think it’s quite flattering – and promising- that these canines love pancakes that have no animal products in them whatsoever.To keep my pancakes… 

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Tempeh Crab Cakes

Tempeh Crabcakes

Tempeh “crabcakes,” vegan of course, are a perfect snack for any time of the day or night. What’s more, they are beautiful to look at and taste much better than any crabcake ever did, at least to my tastebuds. Tempeh, which has a chewy texure, is a perfect substitute for crabmeat. It is also protein-rich… 

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Gajar-Mooli Paratha

Gajar Mooli Paratha

One of my constant pursuits in the kitchen is to find as many ways as possible to add vegetables to our diet without allowing things to get too in-your-face. After all, even die-hard vegetable-lovers like Desi and I could get a little fed up on too many greens (not that it’s happened yet!). I try… 

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Paws Off The Plate! Chocolate-"Cheesecake" Bars with Pine Nuts

This spring, as you start cleaning out your homes, please think of your local animal shelter to donate items they can use. Shelters are always in need of food, towels, blankets and toys, among other things, because of the tremendous number of animals that pass through their doors each day. I often stop by yard… 

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