Paws Off The Plate! Chocolate-"Cheesecake" Bars with Pine Nuts

This spring, as you start cleaning out your homes, please think of your local animal shelter to donate items they can use. Shelters are always in need of food, towels, blankets and toys, among other things, because of the tremendous number of animals that pass through their doors each day. I often stop by yard…

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whole wheat bagels

Whole Wheat Bagels

Bagels! The very word makes my mouth water. And making them does not require any extra brain-flexing on my part because most bagel recipes are usually wonderfully vegan to begin with. You might wonder why I go to the trouble of making them. After all, a good (and vegan) bagel is really not that hard…

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Vegan Challah

Whole Wheat Vegan Challah

Challah is one of my favorite breads. A kind of butterless brioche, it has the same flaky texture and lightness as brioche minus the butter. It also has a gorgeous braided look that’s pretty easy to achieve with just a tiny bit more effort than is required to shape any old bread.For a vegan, the…

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Crusty French Bread

Baking bread is a reward in itself. A perfect bread is the perfect conclusion to a day’s worth of patience. The kneading, the rising, the waiting, the re-kneading…this is definitely not something you can do on the run. But when the result is what you hoped for, it is hard not to feel just a…

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Four-grain pancakes, vegan

Fluffy Four-Grain Pancakes

Before I tell you all about these awesomely nutritious AND yummy pancakes, I want to take a moment to acknowledge a lovely gesture by the very talented Lavanya Raj at Home Cook’s Recipes who gave me the Nice Matters Award. This is my first award as a blogger, Lavanya, and I am extremely honored. My…

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Pumpkin Bread with Nuts, a Vegan Recipe

Pumpkin Bread

Nut breads are among my favorites to both bake and eat. And why not? They have all the luscious richness of cake, but you can enjoy them without the guilt. Sure, they contain sugar, but there’s also the wonderful goodness of fruit like banana or mango – or a veggie like Pumpkin, in this case….

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Whole-Wheat Scones with Black Currants

Black Currant Scones Fit For A Queen

Terrifically healthy and delicious, it is possible to have these egg-free, dairy-free scones and eat them too. I substituted the cream traditionally used in scones with soy milk, and that resulted in a great improvement in their nutritive value without really sacrificing any of the taste. I did use a small amount of zero-trans-fat vegetable…

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Oatmeal Cookies, vegan and whole-wheat

Compassion Oatmeal Cookies

Today’s recipe for my Compassion Oatmeal Cookies is dedicated to all those pioneer vegan bakers out there who, through experimentation and innovation, have eased the way for others like me to bake animal-free versions of traditional goodies without sacrificing an iota of taste or flavor.Anyone who’s learning to bake always hears how baking, unlike cooking,…

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Whole Wheat Pancakes

Vegan Whole Wheat Pancakes

Healthy pancakes may sound oxymoronic, but actually they are very possible. And to prove it, here are my Whole Wheat Vegan Pancakes.Pancakes are a favorite breakfast food for many of us, and if they can be made healthy, while retaining all of the fluffy, yummy goodness that we love, then why not?My first step to…

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Banana Bread

Desi, my hubby, has a sweet tooth. A very, very sweet tooth. Although he’s usually careful about what he eats and pays close attention to what’s healthy and what’s not, all his good intentions simply evaporate when faced with a cookie or a cake or even a donut.So one of the challenges I constantly face,…

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Eggless Waffles

No Egg-o Waffles

The first time I tried vegan waffles, they ended up crusted and burnt to the sides of the waffle iron. But Desi, my hubby, loves waffles so much, I had no intentions of giving up. I modified the recipe and added some applesauce, which resulted in these perfect waffles last Sunday. Even Desi, who is…

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