Braised Radishes with Lavender

Braised Radishes with LavenderI don’t get around to cooking with and eating radishes as often as I would like to, and it’s not because I don’t love them. I  do adore their spicy, pungent, pleasant bitterness. That crisp bite. And best of all, that jewel-like beauty. Radishes have got to be one of the prettiest vegetables on the market and they look appetizing and gorgeous on a plate.

But I mostly like my vegetables cooked, and radishes appear to lend themselves better to uncooked foods, like salads.

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Baked, fat-free potato vadas (patties)

Crispy Baked Potato Vadas. They’re Fat-Free.

You’ve often heard me talk about my kids, Opie and Jay, but what you probably don’t know is that I have a third child I’ve been hiding from you. Her name’s Murraya Curry, and she’s a bit of a diva. When I found her at the Indian store, no more than about four inches tall, I…

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Vegan Cassoulet. Glutenfree, healthy

A Très Vegan Cassoulet

What about those French, huh? Cheese and wine do not make them fat. They give us French fries and crème brûlée and while the rest of us morph into couch potatoes, they stroll down their classy arondissements with the Eiffel Tower for a backdrop, looking chic and magnifique as can be. They can even sit down in a restaurant, order the…

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Curried Coconut Tofu Wraps, vegan.

Curried Coconut Tofu Wraps

These Curried Coconut Tofu Wraps are a little bit magic. I bit into one yesterday and the next minute I was relaxing on a tropical Asian isle, my shaded eyes looking over turquoise water, the sand clear and white at my feet. I even managed to polish off two mango-basil margaritas before I was forced back into reality by Jay asking,…

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