Cabbage Thoran

Cabbage Thoran, a Kerala-style side of cabbage with coconuts and a few simple spices Take a peek into my refrigerator on any day, and you’ll probably find some things you expected (like tofu, chipotle chilies, and an embarrassing quantity of Indian pickles), some you didn’t (like Opie’s not-vegan homecooked meal), and some you’ll wish you’d never seen (like the month-old lasagna that everyone but the mold forgot).  And amidst the assortment of vegetables in the crisper (right now it’s ridge gourd and bitter gourd from the Indian store, two kinds of mushrooms, beet greens, baby carrots for Jay’s lunchbox and kale for Desi’s smoothies) you will nearly always find a big, shiny-green, perfectly round head of cabbage.

Cabbage Thoran, a Kerala-style side of cabbage with coconuts and a few simple spices

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Bowtie Pasta in a Light Bolognese Sauce

+-*This is my new favorite sauce to eat pasta with, and I never thought I’d say that about a bolognese. I have never been a huge fan of bolognese sauces because of the heavy tomato base. As much as I adore il pomodoro, I do not like pasta sauces that tend to be even slightly acidic….

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Tofu Egg Curry, an Indian style curry

Tofu Egg Curry

+-*In my childhood home, egg curry was a perennial favorite. My father, whose family hails from India’s Konkan coast, had a very special and flavorful recipe he’d make for us occasionally, and I can still remember its rich, deep flavor. He’d add to it some onions, a few spices and lots of coconut — an ingredient…

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Methi Tomato Rice, an easy and tasty pilaf

Methi Tomato Rice

+-*Here’s a quick weeknight recipe that’s healthy and sure to delight just about anyone, especially if that anyone likes methi or fenugreek leaves: My Methi Tomato Rice. If you think methi is too exotic, or have never tried it for whatever reason, I am about to evangelize you. Methi leaves are quite easily available here…

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