1. Whenever I have heard of a vindaloo dish it is with meat…the vegetarian version sounds very interesting…looks tasty too…I have to give this a try 🙂

  2. Hi! I’d love to make this delicious sounding dish. What type of mustard seeds should we stir in at the end and how much? I don’t see mustard seeds listed besides the ground mustard for the paste? Peace, Stephanie

  3. Gita, Cham, Preeti, Pomegranate, A and N, Pavani: Thanks!

    BangaloreBaker– absolutely. In fact, I intended to add a note on that and forgot, so thanks for reminding me. Potatoes would be great in this vindaloo.

    Stephanie, thanks for pointing out, and I’ve added the mustard seeds to the recipe– you need 2 tsp of black mustard seeds.

  4. That’s a great writeup on Goa. 🙂
    Making vindaloo with brinjals and mushrooms mean much less cooking time too as compared to cooking meat … right? 🙂

  5. Loved reading about Goa coz i also grew up in an island where people do best khavap, pivap, nidap. Hope to try this recipe coz teh combination of the 2 veg already experimented in other dishes is really deli:)

  6. I really enjoyed this post. I’ve been to Goa only once but would love to go back there. It was three days of pure lazy bliss. The vindaloo looks amazing.

  7. Vindaloo is one of the few dishes I have memories of my mother making (she passed away when I was 5)and I have always wanted to make it (albeit she made it with egg I think not pork). This looks a fab place to start.
    Goa is a my fav place to visit, I have gone every year there since we honeymooned there in 1997 and its wonderful every single time!

  8. Hi! I relived Goa through ur post. I have lived there for a while and would love to visit in any day. I have never been a fan of Vindaloo especially because of the strong flavor of Vinegar in it but balsamic vinegar sounds good.

  9. I very much enjoyed your post because I’ve often thought of going to Goa one day. It was good to hear about it from someone who knows it well. The Vindaloo also looks delicious.

  10. Hi Vaishali

    Never imagined that Vindaloo can be easily made vegan and with ingredients that are already in the pantry. Will give it a try soon.

  11. Hi Vaishali!

    this one is impossible to not comment, mainly because I’m Portuguese :). I’ve been away from commenting, I’m moving back to my home country and there’s a lot of stuff to take care of!it’s overwhelming!Although I have your website opened permanently in my web browser (I’ve tried so many of yours recipes so far- they’re delicious!, taking pictures of them, I truly hope that someday your blog will be featured somewhere, or perhaps a book :),but I will definitely give my contribution to it! ), I just do a quick reading and don’t have time for more.
    But this post is special, because it talks about the past relationship between ours home countries.
    Throughout my school years we had several History classes, we’re very pride of our history, despite all the “dark aspects” of it, and I remember very well when my History teacher told us about the Route of Spices, it’s how the Portuguese people called the way/path (by sea)that the sailors did to get in to Goa and how they exchanged their merchandise by India merchandise and spices.
    Goa is one of the places that I would like to visit one day, but there are others in India.
    About the recipe 🙂 the thing about being a eggplant lover is that all of your recipes that call for eggplant are mouth-watering :). I will definitely try this one!

    A warm hug,

  12. Sharmila, absolutely– substituting with veggies means no time lost marinating etc. Cherry on the icing! 🙂

    Radha, Bharti, Uma, Thanks.

    Miri, yes, I remember egg vindaloo is also a popular version. And I’m not surprised you go to Goa each year– it’s definitely an addictive place.

    Pari, Joyful, Priya, Anon, Nithya, Thanks.

    Susana, good to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed the post. I am sure you’d love Goa– there’s still so much Portuguese history there.
    Must be exciting moving back to your home country. Have a smooth move! 🙂

    Zengirl, yes, eggplant is definitely one of my favorite veggies and it features on our menu often 🙂 Can’t have enough of it!

  13. Loved your vegetarian version of vindaloo and it has eggplant one of my favorite vegetables. Looks absolutely inviting …enjoyed the read about Goa and its history I spent a very brief week there once and loved what I saw…

  14. Hi, had a chance to try my hand at this today. Wonderful blend of flavors, really bright notes carrying through – I believe by the coriander seeds?
    I skipped the mushrooms, and I blame myself for not picking up a suitable substitute for that. I missed out on those savory flavors.
    All in all, excellent sauce and a recipe that can easily contain a medley of vegetables.

  15. Hello again, Vaishali:

    Thank you for this awesome recipe that I thoroughly enjoyed, and for sharing your heritage with us as well.

    I tried many of your recipes within the past few months, and I have no complaints, because they are all fabulous; probably even better when you cook them!

    Enjoy your day!


    • Hi Angela, thanks so much for your lovely message! It’s great you enjoyed the vindaloo recipe– one of my absolute favorites! I am also happy you’ve enjoyed the other recipes. Thanks for letting me know, and hope you have a lovely day! 🙂

  16. This is so good! I recently went vegan in order to bring my weight under control. I wish I had stumbled over your website earlier on. I am so looking forward to making many more of your recipes. Thank you for this.

    • Thanks, Shaun! Welcome to the blog, and congrats on beginning your vegan journey. You are going to love it! Feel free to ask if you have questions.

  17. great recipe! my first attempt at vindaloo and pretty satisfied. the garam masala certainly takes the lead. very appreciative to you and many thanks as i am putting this one in my arsenal.

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